Making Homes Into Everyday Getaways

CHROMA HOME is your sanctuary, your soul-filled living space that invites you to be yourself and thrive in everything you do. It is about functional interiors infused with color that promote comfort, beauty, harmony, and healing.

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most”.
John Ruskin


noun chro·ma \ ˈkrō-mə \ χρωμα

In my native Greek, CHROMA means COLOR. Offering CHROMA is also a metaphor for ‘giving character’, ‘bringing essence’ and ‘anointing’.

I LOVE infusing ‘Chroma’ into your home. I feel honored that you open your door to me. Whether it is a new empty space or a house lived in for a while, I love to come in and give it color and just the right essence for you.

Why Choose Maria?


Love is the first ingredient in Maria’s work. She loves creating and she loves people. Her approach is:
Love what you do and it will love you back!


Maria has the ability to see beyond what is in front of her eyes and act as a conduit of change and transformation. Over the years she learned to trust the power that guides her and the inspiration that leads her in the right direction to create beautiful living spaces that reflect the client’s taste and meet their individual wants and needs.


Maria’s natural creative mind likes to play with the status quo and think out of the box. She will never stop thinking until the ideal concept settles in her heart. She loves mixing color and pattern and often will add a twist of whimsy. She likes to challenge herself to take risks to achieve the unexpected.

Attention to Detail

The little things are the ones that make the biggest impact to the whole equation. Maria knows how to pay attention to the detail that refines each project and makes it personalized and unique.


As every client’s lifestyle is different, Maria’s caring approach shows respect and mindfulness of their particular goals and desires rather than following her own agenda.

Holistic Approach

Maria treats space as a living entity rather than four walls full of ‘stuff’. Although she loves pleasing the eye, when she puts a space together she prefers to select sustainable materials and keep what can be kept with respect to the environment. Her focus is to create living spaces that are conducive to the healing of those living there.


Maria ‘reads’ spaces with her heart, and listens to what they have to say. She is always in awe how the choices unfold and how the sequence of decisions falls beautifully into place. Homes magically transform into more practical, inviting, and comfortable interiors. They become Everyday Getaways.