25 Rooms That Announce The Spring

March 20, 2019

I know most of us are so ready to be done with the winter and ready for that first day of Spring!

Living in Florida, I am fortunate enough to have mild winters (even though we had some really cold days and the fireplace was on almost all day) but there are many areas around the country that they are still deep in snow and far away from the first blooms.

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So I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to make Spring rush in with some inspiring interiors? What would a room would be like if it was Spring inspired? Well, let’s see:

Spring colors bedroom
Here is a bedroom in full bloom: Happy yellows are repeated in different forms, (bedding, art, ottoman), mixed with orange, pink and turquoise making a great recipe for a Spring-like room.



blue sofas and orange accents room
A beautiful exchange of fresh happy colors, this room is so open-hearted and inviting! Every piece seems to be cherry-picked to make the ideal sequence of a perfect color story.



hot pink dining chairs
This breakfast area is simply scrumptious to me! The fuchsia chairs are a spot on perfect marriage with the window treatments and lead to an out-of-the-box experience. Fabulous!


floral roman shades and light blue walls
This a nicely put together room, nothing loud or amazing, until the window treatments kick in. The floral roman shades bring the garden in the room and do the job of making a great looking space.


Green pastel bedroom
Come in and relax! We are speaking about harmony and balance here. The perfect restful and fresh feeling for a space. Take a breath, grab a book and ahhh, let the day go!… Here you can let all hopes come up and dream the new beginnings.


yellow dining chairs and yellow print window treatments
“I am happy, happy, happy, happy” looking at this dining room! Oh how that yellow makes me smile, I don’t want to leave…


floral lunge chairs
Life is so rosey, and everything is balanced and harmonious in this classic traditional room. The grass-cloth wallpaper gives the perfect textured background for the perfect comfortable chairs with a crisp floral pattern. The ‘rules are broken’ by the fun hairy ottoman adding a little contemporary twist in the scene.      source


pink flower wall bedroom
WOW? There is something magical in this space. It looks like a fairy tale. Makes you to want to explore the whole world and count your blessings.



modern great room with pastel colors
For the modernist, here is a full Spring representation in this grand scale room with an amazing view. Every piece has its own personality yet each one adds to the palette of a Spring spectrum.           source



Big scale floral on the wall
The intensity of the floral wallpaper here makes a call for the soft look of the pastel bedding. The wall pattern vividly orchestrates the rest of the room.             source


floral paper in white bathroom
In this bathroom the birds are ready to cheer and the trees are ready to bloom and oh what a site! The beautiful floral becomes such a jumping board for the everything white, plain Jane space that makes you want to wash your hands twice!



flower pattern headboard
This lovely and artistic flower print headboard sets the platform for only sweet dreams. Spring dominates in the room, and it is here to stay!


blush pink with butterflies
This room is like a kiss on the cheek and a promise that everything is going to be alright. The soft pink all over gives you a hug and the reassurance of something better.           source


pastel green laundry room
This laundry room takes you to different color heights! Doesn’t the ceiling take you to cloud nine? I love the pistachio green-it couldn’t be any fresher than that. I doff my hat to the creator, absolutely fabulous!


Peach sorbet living room
Life is pink or rather peachy here. The message I am getting is ‘come and have a seat and stay for a while–you are safe here’. This room is comforting and promotes a sense of freedom.


floral sofa
Here the canvas is the sofa. You have a seat and you have a fieldtrip at the same time! The large scale flowers and the airy window treatments feel like a breeze…source


Thinking to add a little drama? Something like ‘Spring is here and there is no doubt about it? Here it is, a spectacular wall presence in full bloom!


blue bathroom vanity
Entering in this powder room, you would almost expect to be taken away from the fragrance of the flowers, the same way you are taken away from the beauty! Great vanity color selection-gorgeous!


lavender room
This room gives me a sense of clarity and inspiration. Something about everything is positive and there is not any other way around it. source


hot pink bedroom with flowers
Whether this is a master or a guestroom, it is all about the sweet life! It promotes the good life, and if anything goes wrong just look at your bedroom and everything is going to turn around beautifully.    source


pastel scandinavian style
Not much to do, not much to say, just some pastels in an easy relaxed manner and voila! Full of spring hues and quiet space.      source


floral headboard
There is a freshness and joyfulness in this bedroom. Orange hues and pinks is one of my favorite color palettes. You can never go wrong with this combo.



Eclectic living and a little bit of whimsy. Everything looks relaxed and sort of unexpected. The colorful palette and the large-scale art completely are drawing me in.    source


Yellow rose bedroom
Precisely beautiful! The whites make a great contrast on the smiley yellows and make a room that makes your mood.


ping free standing tub
Endless baths, songs and dreams right here. The floral background of this tub draws you into the scenery and makes you float in an English garden.


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Spring is Here!

Xo Xo,

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