Meet Maria

I have been a seeker of beauty as long as I can remember–beauty in nature, in fabrics and clothes, in spaces, in nourishing dishes, in words, and in people. Gardening has become a new passion. And I find great joy cooking healthy meals from scratch for my family and friends.

I imaginatively designed my first home when I was 7. I loved to cut out pictures of beautiful rooms and keep them in a box to have them handy when I grew up. Another fond memory is playing in the streets with other kids and having a burning desire to see past the walls of every house and apartment into the rooms. When I was invited to a home with my family, I would zone out of the conversation and move furniture around with my imagination, so I could make the place look better.

I have been practicing residential interior design since 2001, though my experience in the textile and design industry spans from my late teens back in my native Greece to the present in Florida.

I grew up in the textile and linen world through my family’s business and later on I expanded into the furniture industry where I took much training and extensive specialty courses. I am CQRID certified and a professional member of the Interior Design Society (IDS).

My style, which is strongly influenced by my travels around the world, is soulful, creative, full of color and emphasizes harmony and balance. My projects show the artistry of combining an eclectic mix of contemporary and the timeless classic.

Chroma Home is my newly inspired design platform where I create soulful interiors and share my love for beauty and harmony. I am a firm believer that homes are healing grounds if you treat them so. In my practice, I daily witness people’s transformation on many levels. In essence, I act as an agent of those changes in both their inner and outer worlds, and that’s very rewarding.

My mission and contribution to the world are changing lives by changing people’s surroundings into Everyday Getaways!


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