Duncan Charters, PhD

January 23, 2019

This project involved complete design services for the interior of an 1853 house in Elsah, Illinois that is listed on the National Historic Register. It was begun in 2009 and completed gradually as funds were available through 2013. The project included complete redecoration and furnishing of a garage apartment. Maria DeGange was both efficient and patient and willing to work with me on the schedule I needed. She was sensitive both to cost considerations and to my tastes and provided good alternatives when requested. She worked extremely well with my construction supervisor, who very much appreciated her approach and that she gave good advice while not being overly directive according to her own personal views. Everything provided is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and feels right with a very pleasant home atmosphere. We have close to 300 people coming through the house annually for a Christmas season open house. The most frequent comments center on the beauty and exceptional coordination of the design in the living room and apartment, the two areas to benefit most from her work.”