Steve and Terry

January 23, 2019

Maria, you are a treasure! We wanted to thank you for helping us make a vision become a living reality in our new Destin, Florida home. It is a creation of beauty, warmth, and comfort.
You were able to accomplish a lot in a short period of time and we appreciate your patience with us, especially when we would change our minds on elements of the design. We knew we wanted it to have a different feel from our St Louis home, but we felt overwhelmed with the size of the project. Your expertise and guidance reduced the anxiety and opened our eyes to new possibilities as we developed the layout and chose furniture, fabrics, and accessories that look perfect in our home. No project of this undertaking can be done cheaply, but we felt you kept our budget concerns in mind as we continued to make decisions.

You helped us “step out of the box” many times during the designing and those elements of the design turned out to be great decisions. You were always respectful of our thoughts and feelings, and if we headed in a new direction, you were always there to guide us. We also are thankful you were with us when the furniture actually arrived. Your energy and creativity helped us get everything into place quickly. Working with you is always a pleasure. We value your hard work, imagination, and friendship.”