in LOVE with Roses

March 9, 2019

 Who doesn’t love roses?  

roses bouquet
“Roses bring Joy and Happiness” Hildegard of Bingen, 12th-century mystic and healer.


love letters with heart
Roses have inspired tenderness and love throughout history and symbolize Passion, Love and Beauty


roses and box of chocolate
A bouquet of roses combined with fine chocolate is the greatest gift in any shape and form especially on Valentine’s Day.


pug puppy with roses collar
and it’s always adored!
everlasting roses
And if you are sad that you have to let go of your lovely roses after they are withered, nowadays there is a way to enjoy a bouquet full of fragrance in a luxurious velvet box for a whole year–how cool is that?
roses potpourri
When roses start to wilt, a good way to preserve the beauty is to dry the petals and make a beautiful potpourri. Put them in a basket or a small pouch and place them in cupboards, drawers, or storage spaces and let the aroma leaven the senses. GardenGuides shows us here how to make our own potpourri. 

Roses are excellent ingredients for cosmetics. You can find a lot of products pigmented with rose fragrance.  If you like making your own skin products, HERE is an easy recipe for the rose oil of perfect skin care:

To make a natural face cleansing lotion out of rose petals, you place a glass mixing bowl in a pot full of boiled water and you mix well 2 cups of milk and 1 cup of rose petals until soft. Then put them in the blender for a few minutes until they become  the thickness of a smoothie, and after that keep them in the fridge in clear jars. You can find certified organic and grade A quality rose petals for your ‘rosie’ project  HERE

roses pot pourri
Another great product out of roses is the instant Rose water that you can make by leaving a handful of rose petal in warm water for 15 min. When it’s cool, you can use it for cleaning and refreshing the eyes and the face.

Another great product out of roses is the instant Rose water that you can make by leaving a handful of rose petal in warm water for 15 min. When it’s cool, you can use it for cleaning and refreshing the eyes and the face.

When I was a kid, my grandma was always using handmade rose water for her baking and I loosely adopted this tradition myself, using rosewater for aroma instead of vanilla.

Speaking about baking, here is a phenomenal rose cake recipe from CakeJournal. Isn’t it spectacular?

Rose Syrup is also another goodie out of the beautiful flowers. Boil 250 gr. of fresh-picked rose petals (or you can buy certified organic) in 3 liters of water and then let them stay for 24 hours; you add 2 cups of sugar and the juice of one lemon. Voilà! 


edible rose petals
And did you know that all rose petals are completely edible and have a delicious sweet and floral taste? In India and the Middle East rose petals adorn traditional dishes. If you want to add rose petals to your cuisine, make sure you know where they are coming from, to avoid pesticides. Ideally you should pick your roses for food from your own garden or from a source you trust and use them within a few hours after breaking them down to petals. Here is a recipe that you can make a special treat for Valentine’s Day:
puffy dough petals
And if petals are not easy to find, here is another Valentine favorite: Rose Apples with puffy dough, yum!


rosete recipe
Rose petals can also make a delicious and healthy tea. Rose tea is well known for its medicinal attributes and its use in Ayurvedic health practice. It is packed with vitamin C, great for weight loss and healthy skin  and contains lots of vitamin E and A, both great antioxidants. It is such a tasty beverage especially if you add honey and spices like cinnamon and clover.


Manuel Canovas designs
In interior design and fashion, every time you see roses you think romance and freshness. I love this fabric by Manuel Canovas! I can see it in draperies or bedding in a bedroom like this–to me it spells LOVE . . .


accessories with roses pattern
Whether soft-colored or bold, accessories of any kind with rose patterns are colorful, happy and dreamy.
roses mosaic
Here is a plain, simple bathroom that becomes spectacular with a whole wall of mosaic tile in a rose pattern. (Photography: Brandon Barré)


roses mural
This is a beautiful, airy room to grow into, from BlackandMilk interior design. A mural of roses is timeless.


How about this wall? Roses make it dreamy.PhotoBrandon Barré


Greenbrier Resort guest room
Have you ever stayed at Greenbrier Resort? You think you are sleeping in a rose garden.


April Cornell table linens
One of my favorite applications of rose patterns is table linens. I love the art of April Cornell as she applies it beautifully on tablecloths and napkins.
April Cornell pillow cover
Her bed linens are so airy and beautiful too!


transitional red chairs with roses
Besides romantic, rose patterns can be artistic and sassy like the fabric of these chairs by 92nd Street Design. They give a whole other personality to the room.


contemporary living room
Design with roses doesn’t need to be Victorianish or girly all the time. The rose art in the room that I designed down below ‘softens’ the room and gives it a sophisticated look.


To me, roses are classic and classy in any shape and form. So celebrate them your way!


Smell the roses!

xo, xo



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