What Are You Fall…ing For?

September 21, 2018

Say ‘Hi’ to Fall y’all! Autumn is the best time of the year for me, it is my Birthday season and it always feels very powerful for new steps and decisions making! In many parts of the country the weather is starting to cool off and the colors–oh these magnificent !– in Florida the blues tend to dominate, so shifting the norm is always exciting. And it doesn’t take much to get in the mood of the season. Here are seven tips that can get you in the spirit of the season:


1. Start from the outside: A ‘Welcome’ porch or a front door, always sets up the first impression. A rocking chair, a few baskets with apples, a couple lanterns with seasons candles, pumpkins, a nice co-ordinated color scheme, are enough to say ‘Hello Fall’. I love this setting from onsuttonplace as it looks fresh yet seasonal.


2. Make or get a new wreath for the front door. A colorful wreath is a staple to welcome the season. If you are crafty, you can make your own wreath, picking your favorite flowers, or you can find a beautiful wreath at the market:


3. Spice it up!: Fall is the season to use our spices; put a tad of your favorite spice in your tea or other drinks, or bake a delicious pie and let the aroma take you away! For a natural air freshener put a couple of cinnamon sticks or clover sticks in hot water and let it shimmer. You can also fill some mason jars with your favorite spices and put them on a kitchen shelf– they make a nice colorful visual and add lots of texture.


4. Cook a seasonal meal. Autumn is a season that promotes gathering at home with family and friends. Cooking a nice meal with seasonal ingredients is always exciting. My favorite dish is the the Pesto Pumpkin crostini with fresh pomegranate seeds. I got the recipe from lazycatkitchen.  Yum!


5. Bring some Fall accessories and art. Small accessories and art are the easiest ‘go to’ decor to revamp a room and give it a new character. Wall art is my favorite way to amplify interest and turn a monotone space into a vibrant and happy spot.


6. Make a Seasonal Centerpiece. Mother nature provides us with plenty of natural elements of design, like leafs, squashes, gourds, acorns, nuts and fruits that we can combine with table accessories and make our own masterpiece. Let your creativity run and you will be surprised how much beauty Fall can bring to the table


7.’Cozy up’ with throw pillows and throw blankets. Pillows and throws always do wonders when it comes to accessorizing a room. You can always create a new flavor by alternating yours each season. 

Here are some ideas for seasonal ones I thought can put you in the Fall mood:

There is no need to over-decorate but a few little touch will warm you up. . .

It is so easy to fall in love with Fall!


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